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Generate Premium Revenue For Your Site

Tatto serves more than 80 million banner impressions daily in the United States and over 150 million globally, making it one of the largest smart Advertising networks in the world and the ideal solution for display publishers seeking premium revenue potential. Tatto's smart ad serving technology delivers only the most relevant advertisements to robust advertisement placement on publishers' web sites and online applications. With an easy-to-use application discover why more and more publishers choose Tatto Display.

Premium Revenue Potential

Tatto views its publishers as long-term partners. Tatto's non-arbitrage revenue structure provides flexibility and allows publishers to maximize revenue potential. This standard ensures the longevity of relationships and maximizes revenue potential. Publishers are rewarded with increased earnings.

Revenue for publishers with Tatto Display is calculated based on the revenue per thousand impressions - RPM. As advertisements achieve success on web sites, publishers' RPMs increase. Smart ad serving technology ensures perfect advertisements for publishers and the highest RPMs. With reserve pricing, publishers can count on the fact that they'll never earn less than they are earning now.

Tatto has a long term reputation for paying its publishers the fastest in the industry. Publishers can select from a range of flexible payment terms paid via check, PayPal or wire. Because the way Tatto sees it, publishers should be able to have cake and eat it, too.

Smart Ad Serving Technology

Over the past three years, Tatto has developed proprietary ad serving technology that generates the highest revenue per impression - RPM - in the industry. Tatto has the advertisers and the technology. Tatto simply has the experience. Tatto has the magic formula that delivers the most relevant advertisements to users.

Thousands of quality banner advertisements are active on Tatto Display. These advertisements blanket 105 countries enabling Tatto to monetize 97% of all publisher impressions globally. Most display publishers prefer to have their entire display inventory managed by Tatto.

Tatto's approach ensures the best quality advertisements. Unlike competitors, we don't sell specific sites to advertisers. Instead, smart ad serving technology delivers the best match between advertisers and users while enhancing the user experience with relevant ads. Sophisticated optimization algorithms analyze the hundreds of thousands banner advertisements on-the-fly to find optimal banners. Demographic and intelligent behavioral targeting provides further relevancy. Smart ad serving technology delivers perfect banners to users each time - generating premium revenue.

Robust Advertisement Placement

The Display Network focuses on Rich Media advertisements. Tatto fills all standard IAB placement sizes including: Leaderboard 728 x 90, Rectangle 300 x 250, Skyscraper 120 x 600, Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600, and Medium 468 x 60.

Tatto values its publisher relationships and even delivers display advertisements in custom sizes including: 234 x 60 (half medium), 645 x 60 for social applications and 800x600 for full page display advertisements.

Tatto provides ad tag code in iFrame, FB:iFrame, and JavaScript format. Quality banners from premium advertisers ensure a top-notch user experience.

Easy-to-Use Application

Publishers using the Tatto Display application get an easy-to-use application that makes earning premium revenue simple. The application provides publishers complete control over their placements, allowing them to manage every aspect of ad delivery in real time. Live statistics provide publishers with immediate results available in detailed reports and nice graphs. Automatic targeting technologies ensure that only the most relevant ads are displayed to users.

Become a Tatto Display Publishers

Sign Up Now as a publisher with Tatto Display. Tatto Display Signup. After your application is reviewed, immediately create ad tag code, place it on web site, and discover premium revenue. Dedicated account managers ensure supreme success for each publisher.