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Smart Advertising Technology
Producing Guaranteed Results

Powerful ad serving technology is core to the success of Tatto and its clients. Tatto engineers truly love empowering advertisers with imaginative, ingenious and inventive technology.Tatto's smart ad serving technology and intelligent demographic and behavioral targeting make advertising online simple. Tatto has built a trusted infrastructure to ensure long-term success.

Smart Ad Serving Technology

Smart ad serving technology automatically optimizes advertisements for optimal performance. With over three years of data, the smart ad serving technology continual analyzes new data, comparing it to hundreds of metrics, and employs mathematical models. This relational process of exploring the relationships of advertisements allows the system to find the perfect advertisement for the right person. Imperative programming languages enable Tatto's smart ad serving technology to be extremely fast and efficient.

Intelligent Demographic and Behavioral Targeting

Each day, Tatto's targeting technology grows more intelligent as more users interact with its advertisements. Proprietary tracking technology of this data allows Tatto to increase the average length of user information from one month to over one year. The technology consistently developes user profiles that enable it to learn which user demographics and psychographics are most likely to provide value to an advertiser. The smart ad serving technology intelligently applies this knowledge on-the-fly. This produces maximum value - providing publishers' users with perfect advertisers' advertisements.

Trusted Infrastructure

Tatto technology relies on a truly trusted infrastructure. With two main data facatilites in El Segundo, California and Boston, Massachusettes, Tatto maintains 99.9% SLAs. The infrastructure is monitored around the clock by administrators using several internal and external systems. Redundant hardware and technology setups provide a high level assurance. Tatto is also partnered with top technology service providers to enhance the speed of its infrastructure. Enhanced DNS and advanced content delievery systems reduce advertisements load times to less than a few hundredth of a milisecond.