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Smart Advertising Platform
Making Online Advertising Simple

Start generating guaranteed results with Tatto Media Advertising. Advertisers with Tatto Media only pay for advertisements that generate actions achieving a specified goal, thus onlypaying for results. Advertisements are placed on Tatto Media's premium distribution channels which ensure quality. The self-serve platform streamlines online advertising, empowering advertisers to achieve real success. Tatto Media is able to work with various types of online advertisers including many Fortune 500 brands, large direct response advertisers and hundreds of smaller niche advertisers, many of which are pioneers in their respected markets.

Pay for Results

Tatto Media Advertising is one of the largest and most effective platforms to simply achieve results advertising online. The platform is based on the CPA pricing model. CPA is an acronym for "Cost per Action" or "Cost per Acquisition". Advertisers only incur costs when a desired action - such as a sale, product purchase, form submit, email capture, etc. - occurs that is directly attributable to an advertisement. This Pay for Performance approach ensures a quantified return on investment (ROI). Advertisers identify a desired action they want and only pay Tatto Media when the action occurs. For many advertisers, this is the lowest-risk form of advertising online since it guarantees ROI.


You have a widget and want to sell more of them. You know that the lifetime value of a new widget customer is worth $20 in revenue. After analyzing your revenue and costs, you can pay $5 to acquire a new widget customer. In the Tatto Media Advertising application you create a campaign for your widget and set the cost per new customer to $5, and place tracking code that signifies when you acquire a new customer. Tatto Media then analyzes your new campaign and optimization algorithms distribute the campaign across Tatto Media's premium distribution channels based on your objectives. You immediately start noticing new customers and the algorithms continue to optimize your campaign to ensure long term success.

Premium Distribution Channels

Tatto Media has built three premium distribution channels that reach over 50% of people on the Internet. The three distribution channels - Tatto Display, Tatto Performance, and Tatto Virtual Currency - deliver over three billion advertisements monthly. These networks are made up of exclusive traffic from quality search, display, email and social networking traffic sources.

Self-Serve Application

Advertisers on the Tatto Performance network are provided access to real features needed for a successful advertising campaign and monitoring of their performance. Whether campaigns are location specific, specific demographics, complex payout structures or have multiple landing pages, the self-serve Tatto Advertising platform has everything advertisers need to easily create and manage new campaigns. Advanced tracking provides advertisers with invaluable information about the success of their campaigns. Access to real-time statistics allows advertisers to consider which offers and creatives are most effective, helping to focus on strategies that produce the highest ROI.