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Smart Advertising Company
Real People Building Intelligent Platforms

Tatto Media is a smart advertising company with intelligent platforms that produce immediate results.

Tatto Media was founded in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts. Over the past four years, the company has applied its expertise in performance advertising to display advertising and virtual currency. Tatto Media's development of next generation advertising platforms is revolutionizing the online advertising industry.

Since its conception, Tatto Media has been focused on generating real value - simultaneously producing results for advertisers and publishers alike. This balance of advertiser and publisher success is core to the Company's proprietary ad serving technologies. Tatto Media’s results-oriented ad serving technology is built for results-oriented advertisers and publishers.

Tatto Media's advertising platforms deliver billions of targeted advertisements every month. Ranked 3rd by comScore for worldwide reach (August, 2009), Tatto Media is on track to become the world's largest online advertising company, reaching more than 50% of the Internet.

Tatto Media is privately held and continues to achieve rapid growth organically. Over sixty Tatto Media employees are truly dedicated to providing a unique and intelligent approach to online advertising.